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Event | Linux Kongress 2005

Arch Linux wird wahrscheinlich auf dem Linux Kongress 2005 vertreten sein.


This year the Linux Kongress will be in Hamburg (hosted by the University Hamburg) from 10.11.2005 - 10.14.2005. It's a big international event (established since 1994) focused on tutorials, workshops, conferences and presentations.
The first two days will be the tutorial and workshop days. I'm planning to do such a workshop/tutorial (any help is welcome, maybe there will be a discussion afterwards or so).
During the second part of the Event will be some techincal conferences.
It would be a great chance for Arch Linux to establish itself in Europe and a lot of fun smile.

They say nothing about accommodations, but I'm sure there will be something similar as on the Linux Tag. They mention that they'll pay the travel and accommodation under special circumstances.

With the utmost probability I'll be there.

Are some other persons going to come (and help, if there's a workshop)?




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