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07.02.2020 15:01:32

Hört sich nach einem i3-Bug an. Passiert das auch mit einem anderen Fenstermanager?

Wir stellen unsere Fragen hier bevorzugt auf deutsch. smile

06.02.2020 23:58:44

Hello Arch Com,

Since 1 month i am trying to find out why i am getting this very strange bug with chromium and also found the same one in vs code.
But i reached my limits and I hope someone here can help me.

# System informations:
- up to date arch with mainline kernel and lts tested
- i3wm
- zsh
- picom

# Short description about the bug:
Application menus are not loading, for example in chromium in the right upper corner the 3 dots button, when pressed doesnt open up the menu.
Or when click on a bookmark folder, then it also doesnt show up.
Same behaviour can be found in vs-code in the extensions section when you click on the settings button of one of your extensiosn.

# Additional information:
When you turn off your compositor ( i use picom, also tried xcompmgr with default config ) and click for example in chromium on a bookmark folder,
then you will see the outlinings of the menu which should appear for half a second, even with the correct size, but the menu will not load.

# More additional information and now things go crazy:
When you switch into fullscreen and back and then click on a menu, it loads directly.
When you start your application with rofi or manually from a terminal (urxvt with zsh and bash tested), then the menus also are loading directly.
A friend of mine who has a very similar arch setup and hardware like me, doesnt have this bug... O_o

# Last additional information:
Maybe i am wrong, but i think that i had the same problem on debian too with dmenu and gnome DE, but i am not 100% sure anymore.

# What i have tried:
I ve studied the source of both rofi and dmenu_run and tried to find some diffs.
Rofi starts the choosen application by using the same process it was started.
So i ve run the selected item by dmenu with "exec" to replace the process. Without success the bug remains.

Then i tried to directly run chromium, without invoking dmenu, this worked. O_o
Even this worked 'echo "chromium" | bash'.

I looked up the source for dmenu... nothing special, nothing which would interfer the processes.

I ve tried many more things but nothing helped, like different hotkey daemon, different WM, compositor.

# Final words
If you need more infos please ask.
I hope someone can find the solution to this mysterious bug and thanks in advance.

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